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Valentine’s Clip Binge

Hello boys

Happy Valentine’s Weekend. My analytics show that around 60% of you are likely single jerkaholics (probably 20% virgins, 20% losers, and 20% ‘normal’ jerk-junkies!) and of the remaining 40%, most of you are naughty cheating husbands and boyfriends, who would rather jerk off to me, than fuck your wives this weekend. So, without further ado; a round-up of my Valentine’s themed clips for you to binge on this weekend:

Homewrecked Valentine

Some of the hottest lingerie I’ve ever worn, my filthiest dirty talk, and a whole lotta homewrecking. Buy here


My Ripped Off Valentine

Into findom? Need a hard wallet fucking because you know it’s the only type of fucking you’ll get, and me rinsing your wallet somehow feels better than sex? Buy this


Pity Date

You’ll be in bed with your favorite partner; your hand…I’ll be in bed with one (or more) of my fuck buddies. Take this pity date & make the most of it as you jerk off to my sex life


Valentine’s Is Expensive

Just because you’re a lonely jerk puppet doesn’t mean you get away with buying no gifts. Nuh uh. Follow the instructions, finpet


Forever Dateless

Fans of tease and denial NEED this one. What happens in this clip is 100% genuine and I couldn’t have planned it any better had I tried Deny yourself


Valentine’s Edging 20 Minute Jerk Off Instruction

For those who prefer a humiliation-free, sensual domination approach. 20 minutes of non-stop instructions and delicious cocktease. This will keep you occupied


Romancing Your Wallet

An edging game for the financial submissive. Buy me flowers, send me lingerie, give me your cash


Roses Are Red, Your Balls Are Blue

My gift to you this Valentine’s Day – heightened awareness, better servitude. Tease…and denial


Cucked Up Wife Swap

You thought you had kinky VDay plans…turns out, your wife did! Go get cucked!

Ca4HY1RWcAALLdEValentine’s Homewreck Challenge

What’s stronger? Your willpower…or your urge to cum for me?



My Loser Valentine

You’re a loser every day of the year, but today it must really hit home how pathetic and lonely you are. Sure, I’ll be your virtual girlfriend. Sure, you can be my loser Valentine. Because your loserdom is sooo profitable for me.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

I know you’re such a jerkaholic that you’re always having to find new ways to tease that cock. Even red light green light is getting old for you, so here’s a JOI Game with a twist

Write Me A Love Letter

As pathetic and empty as your sex life will be this VDay, you know your Goddess will always be here for you. Just the click of a button and a few (hundred) dollars away.

Want to make my Valentine’s Day? Go buy at least 3 of these & tweet me your receipt 🙂

Happy jerking!