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Leaving Redux

I don’t have time to write a pretty post with pics, full details, etc & doubt I’ll magically gain time soon, so as I’m being inundated with emails about this, I’m just going to throw it up.

I’m not retiring in July-September 2016 as originally planned. I didn’t change my mind or find myself too in lust with you losers to leave. I simply took on an extra year of research for my doctorate, and as such, will have a) more flexible time than previously anticipated had I entered my final year sooner and b) have another $60k or so of school fees under my belt, which I might as well rinse you guys for rather than dipping into my savings


So, really short version:

  • I will stop taking custom video orders in December 2016. This will be your absolute last opportunity to get a custom video from me.
  • I will ‘retire’ from twitter between January and March 2017. I am not sure if I will leave my twitter up essentially blank, leave it up with promo posts for clips only, or just delete it. Same goes for follow+
  • I will not be attending any future conventions (FetishCon, AVN, etc), in line with my previous retirement post.
  • New clips will stop going up DAILY on March 31st 2017. You’ll then get 8 new clips a month til September 2017, 6 new clips a month Sept 2017 – July 2018, and 4 new clips a month July 2018 – July 2019. All of my clip stores will be deleted January 2020. Yes, this is ages away. So you’re not really losing me, you’re losing the ability to personally interact with me in real time, or order a custom.
  • Custom audio will be available indefinitely (Why this but no videos? Because I can do this without a designated filming space, without setting up lights, backgrounds, tripods, camera, hair, makeup, and holding on to 300 shiny outfits)
  • Phone-Only Chat (Niteflirt or most likely via the upcoming IWantPhone) will also be available indefinitely, at times of my choosing (when I log on)
  • Skype, Kik, Yahoo, etc text-type instant messaging (no audio/video) will NOT be available as this permeates my life in a different way to phone sessions at my scheduled discretion.
  • Something else also happens March 2017 but it doesn’t make business sense to tell you what that is yet. You’ll find out Feb 2017 most likely 🙂