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Be my (not so) Secret Santa

If you know me, you know I’m not the typical ‘brat girl’. I’m not one for designer purses or many material possessions at all. So when I sat down to create an obligatory Christmas Wishlist, as requested by a long-time fan, it felt more like a chore than an exciting activity. I prefer to spend my $$$ on experiences over ‘things’, and as such, my Christmas Wishlist boils down to sponsorship of elements of the luxurious Christmas Vacation I have planned for December this year.

Items to sponsor for my UK Christmas Trip:

  1. Car from airport = $120
  2. Car to airport = $120
  3. Afternoon tea = $65 (+ my 6 guests = $455)
  4. Theatre tickets = $150 (+ my guest = $300)
  5. Winter Wonderland Tickets = $75
  6. Ice skating for me + 2 girlfriends = $80
  7. Guided bus tour for me + 3 girlfriends = $90
  8. Spa in hotel = $300
  9. 5* Michelin Christmas Dinner = $200 (+ my boyfriend = $400)
  10. Champagne Shard tickets = $50 (+ my boyfriend = $100)

I know; it’s far more exciting for YOU to buy me a pair of heels, or skimpy lingerie. But this dynamic was never about your desires first. Furthermore, in previous years, I’ve offered rewards/incentives for large tributes (which essentially means they weren’t tributes at all); not this year. This year is about selfless servitude. This year I want you to gift me $$$ for no other reason than you’ll take delight in making ME happy. Knowing that your tribute was spent on a few hours of fun with friends, relaxing pampering, or stress-free transportation. This is the way to show your gratitude this year.


  1. I will strikethrough items when they have been claimed/sponsored
  2. For items such as the afternoon tea, Shard tickets, theatre, etc, you can feel free to send $$$ for 1 or more ‘admissions’.
  3. I do have an Amazon Wishlist for those who just can’t stand to send cold hard (digital) cash, and it is here:  However, you’ll note that that too, is primarily giftcards.

Baby; all I want is your fucking money! 😉