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Private Twitter

Many of you will have noticed that I had my twitter on lockdown for around 6 weeks over the holidays. This is because I’m just not comfortable with an indefinite amount of people (I have around 7,500 followers, but my daily reach is usually 33,000+ after retweets and lurking accounts) following my every move. When I signed up to make clips, I didn’t ever really want to be sharing my life and daily income stats (lol) with tens of thousands of random people who knew everything about me, whilst remaining completely private & anonymous in their own lives. I appreciate that this is a factor of the industry and the internet in general – this exhibitionist nature of being a clip producer/adult actress. But it’s a factor I want to take a little more control over. Rather than blocking hundreds of twitter accounts each day, or keeping my main promotional account on lockdown (thus limiting it’s promotional purpose, defeating the point), I’ve decided to make a separate, private, personal twitter account.

The reason I’m making a private twitter as opposed to signing up for a service such as OnlyFans, is because I still want to control who I let in. On OnlyFans, you cannot block individual people from following you – as long as they pay, they have access, and I don’t like that. Also, despite my financial dominatrix tendencies, I don’t enjoy blanket overcharging my genuine fans. Whilst I believe that my content has value and should be paid to be enjoyed, I don’t like the pressure to upload that comes with charging a monthly fee. There are times when I may not wish to post for a few days, and I want the flexibility to do that without feeling like I’m not keeping up ‘my end of the deal’.

So…here’s what’s going to happen. My @MissLondonLix twitter will remain open for all. I encourage you to retweet and like the posts as much as you want. You can write your pervy and pointless replies on my promotional pics here, but I won’t be reading them. I’ll no longer be blocking followers here (I have been doing this for years, this is why my follower count is ‘so low’, FYI). The posts on this account will be primarily automated (auto tweets from tributes, scheduled clips, phone lines being turned on) and entirely business related. The most personal you can expect me to be posting on this twitter is a tab that needs picking up, a wishlist item purchase demand, or a daily $$$ goal that needs to be met, along with a photo auto tweet. Nothing personal will be going up on this twitter any longer.

Additionally, I will have the account @LondonLixLocked. This is my private, personal twitter account. I will likely retweet some of my clip promotional material on here, but for the most part, posts here will be more intimate. Behind the scenes photos from filming, personal photos, info about upcoming clip releases, my opinions, tribute brags, what I’m currently reading, where I’m going on vacation, photos from AVN week, etc will all be on this twitter. I will also be more inclined to interact with you on this twitter account, although replies are never guaranteed.

How do you get access to LondonLixLocked? Send a one-time $50 tribute to or a $50 e-giftcard to along with your twitter username (don’t write ‘twitter’ or ‘@’, just put your username), and send me a follow request on LondonLixLocked the same day. IMPORTANT: Sending me this $50 does not guarantee access – I will only let you in if I like/feel neutral towards you and know of you in some way (i.e. I recognize your twitter username as someone who has interacted in a friendly way, or your clip store username as a regular/long-term clip buyer). If you’re in doubt as to whether or not I hate you, and $50 is too much for you to gamble on this, just don’t bother applying. Simple. This is NOT a money-making scheme. Rather, the $ is to a) show that you’ve read this b) confirm you as an 18+ credit card holder and c) so that I can link a clip site username/email address to who you are. Basically – I want to know who (to a reasonable degree) is viewing my private content. I don’t feel that’s unfair in the least.

**Any fellow dommes reading this – I will happily add you to LondonLixLocked – just send a request**