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Mini Break

Due to ongoing illness, I am taking a mini break, now through June 30th. I have clips scheduled through around May 6th. They’re gonna autotweet with a gif. After that, there will be no new clips posted until July 1st.

Things to note:

  • No, I am not accepting custom clip orders (even audio) during this time. I will (possibly, depending on how I feel) reopen customs in late June for the month of July
  • If you’re on my kik, please expect me to be fairly absent, and respect this
  • If I’m posting anywhere, it will be on @LondonLixLocked Click here to buy access
  • If you see something post on @MissLondonLix there’s a 99% chance it’s an autotweet. Doesn’t mean “I’m back” or ‘around for the day’ or whatever.
  • It’s highly unlikely that I will respond to your email or site messages during this time
  • I’m not doing any phone chat, or taking on new slaves during this time. Obviously.
  • Exception to my absence is a PTV mail I’ll send out on IWC first week of May. Again, doesn’t mean I’m ‘around and available’; was meant to go out late April but due to tech difficulties, is delayed.
  • I will most likely be fairly absent for all of August & September also. Make the most of July.

How to keep busy during my very short absence:


  • Email me clip ideas. I currently need ideas for: foot fetish, sissification, pet play, chastity, and all holiday themed clips (Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc).
  • Take hot screenshots from clips you own, upload them to a folder online, and send me the link. I am always in need of new promotional images for twitter
  • Write clip reviews for your 3 favorite clips. Email them to me or post them on a blog
  • Find pirated content & send me an email with links, but no more than once per week
  • Take on extra work/overtime/a second job and SAVE UP for my return

~~Do not expect a response to any of the above~~


  • Send Whole Foods eGiftCards. You literally can’t send enough. I am nourishing my body with only the best foods, and as such, am spending around $250/week here.
  • Send Lush eGiftCards – I am spending a lot of time relaxing in the bath. These are a thoughtful gift.
  • Buy me an Audible gift membership. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 month options. A fairly inexpensive but incredibly awesome way to pamper me. I’m spending around 12 hours a day laying in bed, listening to a lot of audio books; this is a USEFUL gift, trust me.
  • Send me gifts from my Amazon Wishlist – sort by priority & you’ll be golden. If you REALLY want to impress, you’ll send items from my Gym Wishlist  – not sexy, but selfless. Which in turn is hot. Good boys understand.
  • When in doubt, send eGiftCards – they will always be put to good use.
  • Stock up on older clips and update your LondonLix library
  • Send random ‘just because’ tributes on iWantClips. I especially like waking up to tributes; time it right to start my day off beautifully
  • Save up & plan for how you will spoil for my BIRTHDAY – July 21st. I want another $650 bespoke blood test as my #1 birthday gift – start putting $ aside now if necessary, and if you want to be the good boy to fund this.

~~Send all eGiftCards to

See you in July! xo