Clips Being Deleted On Nov 30th

These clips will be deleted from all clip sites on November 30th 2016. Buy them this month if you want them. If you have bought these previously on iwantclips please download from the cloud as I think (really not sure, but why not be safe) the file is deleted from the cloud when I delete the associated product/clip.

Homewrecker Clips:

Another Destroyed Marriage

Better Than Divorce

Cruel Christmas

Doing Your Chores/Grudge Fuck

Evil Homewrecking

Evil Mindfucking Homewreck

Extreme Homewreck

Fuck That Bitch

Hotter If It’s Hers

Jerk To Wifey

Stupid Wifey

Making Your Wife My Bitch

Wifey’s Christmas Gift


Other Clips (be aware that many of these are ONLY on C4S or Kinkbomb as they were filmed before I opened my iWC store):

Blackmail Parts 1, 2 and 3 [volumes 1 and 2]

Laundry Boy

Boss Blackmail

Bootie Squad

By Boots Episode One

Baby Carrot SPH

Fishnet Foot JOI

In The Palm Of My Hand

Birthday Spoiling For A Bratty Princess

Latex – Stroke as I Shine

Blind Date Disappointment

Plunger Idiot

Dangling Flip Flops

Dangling Pink Heels

Cheerleader’s Sweaty Socks

aaaand I’m bored of listing them…lol. Basically if it was listed for sale in 2014 it’s at high risk of being deleted. The homewrecker ones are the more pertinent to be aware of, I feel. Go buy!

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