Spoil Me On iWantClips.com!

There are so many clip sites out there, and despite that, I prefer to keep myself and my content pretty exclusive, only working with the best in the industry. As such, I have recently decided to join iWantClips.com

Why buy from me there?

  • – HIGHER payouts for me! This is the best place to purchase clips & to send tributes if you want the maxmimum amount of your $$$ to make it into my hands (and I know you do!)
  • – Really super fast FTP/upload system. Anything that makes my life easier is a benefit to you too…clips will be going up faster on my iWantClips store
  • – Clips are $1 cheaper for you here, while *still* allowing me to make more. Again, due to the excellent commission rate they offer me.
  • – Message me directly through the site. No fumbling around for my email or having to disclose yours. Right there within the site, discreet & easy.
  • – There is a direct link to my wishlist on my studio page there. Easy access for when you’re playing those clips that have you shop for me 😛
  • – INSTANT STREAMING!! I know that by the time you’ve read my descriptions & have clicked ‘buy’ you’re ready to explode, and with instant streaming you don’t have to wait for clips to download. Of course you can still download in the background too! But if you’re feeling especially horny/impatient, this is a huge bonus for you
  • – Thumbnail previews! This makes searching for what you want a whole lot easier. Just hover over any given product to watch the moving preview. No need to open a bunch of tabs and wait for gifs to load.
  • – Payouts every week for me, rather than every month. This way I can spend your money even faster! No more waiting a month to spoil myself with the huge tributes you’ve sent!
  • So; cheaper clips for you, streaming while you download, easier to navigate, more money in my pocket….what are you waiting for?! Go visit my iWantClips store right now!

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    1. ReplyNinjabambi

      Good to know :) Gonna head here for my Lix fix

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