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I adore thoughtful and useful gifts from my fans. As I have almost everything I could possibly want and need, I prefer $ tributes to fund my education, travel, and experiences over gifts, but if you simply must buy me something, I suppose you can check below 😉

Click this text to be directed to my Amazon Wishlist, and be sure to check out my other lists beyond the main one. I do not have an address attached to this account, so you cannot ship items to me directly. Instead, kindly send an eGiftCard in US dollars to 

for the item to be purchased, and a note re: what you're sending for. I will use the eGC to purchase and ship the item to myself.

Click this text to be directed to my Throne Wishlist. Here you CAN buy & send me gifts directly to my door. I love receiving lingerie, heels, useful items & jewelry this way.

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*Honey Birdette


All eGCs should be in US dollars and can be sent to

You can also gift me an experience directly on Wishtender. Simply click that text to be taken to my page featuring ways to treat me to brunch, fund a massage, or simply buy me a coffee.