One of my absolute favorite things about the work I've been engaged in over the past decade and a half, is making people feel good. But more than that; I enjoy helping people make *themselves* feel good. It is an honor and delight to be able to hold space for people exploring their sensuality, their kinks and desires, and to guide and inform within this space. In 15 years of interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds, I have gained a plethora of knowledge about kink, fetish, love, sex, desire, and everything in between. The professional qualifications I have earned in the fields of psychology, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition and spirituality supplement and complement this experiential knowledge beautifully, such that I now feel like I can provide invaluable support, guidance & education to individuals and couples seeking to explore their sexual identities at a deeper level. As such, I am happy to announce that I am offering hour-long sex coaching sessions.

Examples of topics I am well-equipped to help you navigate include:
  • Managing porn consumption/masturbation compulsion
  • Self-improvement coaching
  • Sex toy shopping and recommendations
  • How to discuss your fetishes/kink with your partner
  • How to increase intimacy and desire in your relationship(s)
  • Advice for a first (or second or third...) date
  • Tips for talking to women (dating apps, online & in person)
  • Guidance for exploring and expanding your own sexual interests 
  • Instructional advice (e.g. how-to pegging or CBT for couples, oral or manual stimulation tips) 
Topics in which my knowledge & experience is too limited to offer coaching, and/or for which coaching is not a good fit:
  • Gender/sexuality exploration
  • Poly relationships
  • Trauma

RATES, SCHEDULING & IMPORTANT INFO: My rate is $200 per hour and sessions are conducted over Skype video chat. You can send payment via any of the sites on my LINKS page. Check my availability & book via my SCHEDULE page, using the '60 Minute Coaching Session' option. In your note, please include a general overview of the topic(s) you'd like to discuss, and/or specific questions you'd like to focus on during your time. Coaching sessions will be conducted with professionalism and are not to be used as a substitute for cam sessions. You are expected to be fully clothed and to understand that there will be no flirtation or seduction within such sessions. I suggest bringing a notebook and pen to the session. Coaching sessions are for individuals or couples. Please make a note in your booking if your partner will be present.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst I have many relevant certifications in similar fields, and am currently working towards National Certification & Licensure as a Professional Sex Educator & Therapist, I am *NOT CURRENTLY* a licensed therapist and as such, cannot in good faith, legally or ethically, provide services that may be construed as "therapy". I am not permitted by law to practice any therapeutic techniques (including but not limited to: cognitive-behavioral therapy, DBT, EMDR, psychotherapy and the like) on or with you, so you will not find me implementing such practices in any of our coaching sessions. In employing my services, you are acknowledging that you understand the breadth and limits of coaching, and that coaching is not a replacement for or alternative to professional therapy. You are employing me simply as an expert in my field, and for me to share my knowledge, personal learnings and experience with you, as a coach. You will be asked to sign a document that states acknowledgement and understanding of the above after booking and before your session.