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Mini Break

Due to ongoing illness, I am taking a mini break, now through June 30th. I have clips scheduled through around May 6th. They’re gonna autotweet with a gif. After that, there will be no new clips posted until July 1st.

Things to note:

  • No, I am not accepting custom clip orders (even audio) during this time. I will (possibly, depending on how I feel) reopen customs in late June for the month of July
  • If you’re on my kik, please expect me to be fairly absent, and respect this
  • If I’m posting anywhere, it will be on @LondonLixLocked Click here to buy access
  • If you see something post on @MissLondonLix there’s a 99% chance it’s an autotweet. Doesn’t mean “I’m back” or ‘around for the day’ or whatever.
  • It’s highly unlikely that I will respond to your email or site messages during this time
  • I’m not doing any phone chat, or taking on new slaves during this time. Obviously.
  • Exception to my absence is a PTV mail I’ll send out on IWC first week of May. Again, doesn’t mean I’m ‘around and available’; was meant to go out late April but due to tech difficulties, is delayed.
  • I will most likely be fairly absent for all of August & September also. Make the most of July.

How to keep busy during my very short absence:


  • Email me clip ideas. I currently need ideas for: foot fetish, sissification, pet play, chastity, and all holiday themed clips (Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc).
  • Take hot screenshots from clips you own, upload them to a folder online, and send me the link. I am always in need of new promotional images for twitter
  • Write clip reviews for your 3 favorite clips. Email them to me or post them on a blog
  • Find pirated content & send me an email with links, but no more than once per week
  • Take on extra work/overtime/a second job and SAVE UP for my return

~~Do not expect a response to any of the above~~


  • Send Whole Foods eGiftCards. You literally can’t send enough. I am nourishing my body with only the best foods, and as such, am spending around $250/week here.
  • Send Lush eGiftCards – I am spending a lot of time relaxing in the bath. These are a thoughtful gift.
  • Buy me an Audible gift membership. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 month options. A fairly inexpensive but incredibly awesome way to pamper me. I’m spending around 12 hours a day laying in bed, listening to a lot of audio books; this is a USEFUL gift, trust me.
  • Send me gifts from my Amazon Wishlist – sort by priority & you’ll be golden. If you REALLY want to impress, you’ll send items from my Gym Wishlist  – not sexy, but selfless. Which in turn is hot. Good boys understand.
  • When in doubt, send eGiftCards – they will always be put to good use.
  • Stock up on older clips and update your LondonLix library
  • Send random ‘just because’ tributes on iWantClips. I especially like waking up to tributes; time it right to start my day off beautifully
  • Save up & plan for how you will spoil for my BIRTHDAY – July 21st. I want another $650 bespoke blood test as my #1 birthday gift – start putting $ aside now if necessary, and if you want to be the good boy to fund this.

~~Send all eGiftCards to

See you in July! xo

Private Twitter

Many of you will have noticed that I had my twitter on lockdown for around 6 weeks over the holidays. This is because I’m just not comfortable with an indefinite amount of people (I have around 7,500 followers, but my daily reach is usually 33,000+ after retweets and lurking accounts) following my every move. When I signed up to make clips, I didn’t ever really want to be sharing my life and daily income stats (lol) with tens of thousands of random people who knew everything about me, whilst remaining completely private & anonymous in their own lives. I appreciate that this is a factor of the industry and the internet in general – this exhibitionist nature of being a clip producer/adult actress. But it’s a factor I want to take a little more control over. Rather than blocking hundreds of twitter accounts each day, or keeping my main promotional account on lockdown (thus limiting it’s promotional purpose, defeating the point), I’ve decided to make a separate, private, personal twitter account.

The reason I’m making a private twitter as opposed to signing up for a service such as OnlyFans, is because I still want to control who I let in. On OnlyFans, you cannot block individual people from following you – as long as they pay, they have access, and I don’t like that. Also, despite my financial dominatrix tendencies, I don’t enjoy blanket overcharging my genuine fans. Whilst I believe that my content has value and should be paid to be enjoyed, I don’t like the pressure to upload that comes with charging a monthly fee. There are times when I may not wish to post for a few days, and I want the flexibility to do that without feeling like I’m not keeping up ‘my end of the deal’.

So…here’s what’s going to happen. My @MissLondonLix twitter will remain open for all. I encourage you to retweet and like the posts as much as you want. You can write your pervy and pointless replies on my promotional pics here, but I won’t be reading them. I’ll no longer be blocking followers here (I have been doing this for years, this is why my follower count is ‘so low’, FYI). The posts on this account will be primarily automated (auto tweets from tributes, scheduled clips, phone lines being turned on) and entirely business related. The most personal you can expect me to be posting on this twitter is a tab that needs picking up, a wishlist item purchase demand, or a daily $$$ goal that needs to be met, along with a photo auto tweet. Nothing personal will be going up on this twitter any longer.

Additionally, I will have the account @LondonLixLocked. This is my private, personal twitter account. I will likely retweet some of my clip promotional material on here, but for the most part, posts here will be more intimate. Behind the scenes photos from filming, personal photos, info about upcoming clip releases, my opinions, tribute brags, what I’m currently reading, where I’m going on vacation, photos from AVN week, etc will all be on this twitter. I will also be more inclined to interact with you on this twitter account, although replies are never guaranteed.

How do you get access to LondonLixLocked? Send a one-time $50 tribute to or a $50 e-giftcard to along with your twitter username (don’t write ‘twitter’ or ‘@’, just put your username), and send me a follow request on LondonLixLocked the same day. IMPORTANT: Sending me this $50 does not guarantee access – I will only let you in if I like/feel neutral towards you and know of you in some way (i.e. I recognize your twitter username as someone who has interacted in a friendly way, or your clip store username as a regular/long-term clip buyer). If you’re in doubt as to whether or not I hate you, and $50 is too much for you to gamble on this, just don’t bother applying. Simple. This is NOT a money-making scheme. Rather, the $ is to a) show that you’ve read this b) confirm you as an 18+ credit card holder and c) so that I can link a clip site username/email address to who you are. Basically – I want to know who (to a reasonable degree) is viewing my private content. I don’t feel that’s unfair in the least.

**Any fellow dommes reading this – I will happily add you to LondonLixLocked – just send a request**

Be my (not so) Secret Santa

If you know me, you know I’m not the typical ‘brat girl’. I’m not one for designer purses or many material possessions at all. So when I sat down to create an obligatory Christmas Wishlist, as requested by a long-time fan, it felt more like a chore than an exciting activity. I prefer to spend my $$$ on experiences over ‘things’, and as such, my Christmas Wishlist boils down to sponsorship of elements of the luxurious Christmas Vacation I have planned for December this year.

Items to sponsor for my UK Christmas Trip:

  1. Car from airport = $120
  2. Car to airport = $120
  3. Afternoon tea = $65 (+ my 6 guests = $455)
  4. Theatre tickets = $150 (+ my guest = $300)
  5. Winter Wonderland Tickets = $75
  6. Ice skating for me + 2 girlfriends = $80
  7. Guided bus tour for me + 3 girlfriends = $90
  8. Spa in hotel = $300
  9. 5* Michelin Christmas Dinner = $200 (+ my boyfriend = $400)
  10. Champagne Shard tickets = $50 (+ my boyfriend = $100)

I know; it’s far more exciting for YOU to buy me a pair of heels, or skimpy lingerie. But this dynamic was never about your desires first. Furthermore, in previous years, I’ve offered rewards/incentives for large tributes (which essentially means they weren’t tributes at all); not this year. This year is about selfless servitude. This year I want you to gift me $$$ for no other reason than you’ll take delight in making ME happy. Knowing that your tribute was spent on a few hours of fun with friends, relaxing pampering, or stress-free transportation. This is the way to show your gratitude this year.


  1. I will strikethrough items when they have been claimed/sponsored
  2. For items such as the afternoon tea, Shard tickets, theatre, etc, you can feel free to send $$$ for 1 or more ‘admissions’.
  3. I do have an Amazon Wishlist for those who just can’t stand to send cold hard (digital) cash, and it is here:  However, you’ll note that that too, is primarily giftcards.

Baby; all I want is your fucking money! 😉

Clips Being Deleted On Nov 30th

These clips will be deleted from all clip sites on November 30th 2016. Buy them this month if you want them. If you have bought these previously on iwantclips please download from the cloud as I think (really not sure, but why not be safe) the file is deleted from the cloud when I delete the associated product/clip.

Homewrecker Clips:

Another Destroyed Marriage

Better Than Divorce

Cruel Christmas

Doing Your Chores/Grudge Fuck

Evil Homewrecking

Evil Mindfucking Homewreck

Extreme Homewreck

Fuck That Bitch

Hotter If It’s Hers

Jerk To Wifey

Stupid Wifey

Making Your Wife My Bitch

Wifey’s Christmas Gift


Other Clips (be aware that many of these are ONLY on C4S or Kinkbomb as they were filmed before I opened my iWC store):

Blackmail Parts 1, 2 and 3 [volumes 1 and 2]

Laundry Boy

Boss Blackmail

Bootie Squad

By Boots Episode One

Baby Carrot SPH

Fishnet Foot JOI

In The Palm Of My Hand

Birthday Spoiling For A Bratty Princess

Latex – Stroke as I Shine

Blind Date Disappointment

Plunger Idiot

Dangling Flip Flops

Dangling Pink Heels

Cheerleader’s Sweaty Socks

aaaand I’m bored of listing them…lol. Basically if it was listed for sale in 2014 it’s at high risk of being deleted. The homewrecker ones are the more pertinent to be aware of, I feel. Go buy!

Leaving Redux

I don’t have time to write a pretty post with pics, full details, etc & doubt I’ll magically gain time soon, so as I’m being inundated with emails about this, I’m just going to throw it up.

I’m not retiring in July-September 2016 as originally planned. I didn’t change my mind or find myself too in lust with you losers to leave. I simply took on an extra year of research for my doctorate, and as such, will have a) more flexible time than previously anticipated had I entered my final year sooner and b) have another $60k or so of school fees under my belt, which I might as well rinse you guys for rather than dipping into my savings


So, really short version:

  • I will stop taking custom video orders in December 2016. This will be your absolute last opportunity to get a custom video from me.
  • I will ‘retire’ from twitter between January and March 2017. I am not sure if I will leave my twitter up essentially blank, leave it up with promo posts for clips only, or just delete it. Same goes for follow+
  • I will not be attending any future conventions (FetishCon, AVN, etc), in line with my previous retirement post.
  • New clips will stop going up DAILY on March 31st 2017. You’ll then get 8 new clips a month til September 2017, 6 new clips a month Sept 2017 – July 2018, and 4 new clips a month July 2018 – July 2019. All of my clip stores will be deleted January 2020. Yes, this is ages away. So you’re not really losing me, you’re losing the ability to personally interact with me in real time, or order a custom.
  • Custom audio will be available indefinitely (Why this but no videos? Because I can do this without a designated filming space, without setting up lights, backgrounds, tripods, camera, hair, makeup, and holding on to 300 shiny outfits)
  • Phone-Only Chat (Niteflirt or most likely via the upcoming IWantPhone) will also be available indefinitely, at times of my choosing (when I log on)
  • Skype, Kik, Yahoo, etc text-type instant messaging (no audio/video) will NOT be available as this permeates my life in a different way to phone sessions at my scheduled discretion.
  • Something else also happens March 2017 but it doesn’t make business sense to tell you what that is yet. You’ll find out Feb 2017 most likely 🙂

Valentine’s Clip Binge

Hello boys

Happy Valentine’s Weekend. My analytics show that around 60% of you are likely single jerkaholics (probably 20% virgins, 20% losers, and 20% ‘normal’ jerk-junkies!) and of the remaining 40%, most of you are naughty cheating husbands and boyfriends, who would rather jerk off to me, than fuck your wives this weekend. So, without further ado; a round-up of my Valentine’s themed clips for you to binge on this weekend:

Homewrecked Valentine

Some of the hottest lingerie I’ve ever worn, my filthiest dirty talk, and a whole lotta homewrecking. Buy here


My Ripped Off Valentine

Into findom? Need a hard wallet fucking because you know it’s the only type of fucking you’ll get, and me rinsing your wallet somehow feels better than sex? Buy this


Pity Date

You’ll be in bed with your favorite partner; your hand…I’ll be in bed with one (or more) of my fuck buddies. Take this pity date & make the most of it as you jerk off to my sex life


Valentine’s Is Expensive

Just because you’re a lonely jerk puppet doesn’t mean you get away with buying no gifts. Nuh uh. Follow the instructions, finpet


Forever Dateless

Fans of tease and denial NEED this one. What happens in this clip is 100% genuine and I couldn’t have planned it any better had I tried Deny yourself


Valentine’s Edging 20 Minute Jerk Off Instruction

For those who prefer a humiliation-free, sensual domination approach. 20 minutes of non-stop instructions and delicious cocktease. This will keep you occupied


Romancing Your Wallet

An edging game for the financial submissive. Buy me flowers, send me lingerie, give me your cash


Roses Are Red, Your Balls Are Blue

My gift to you this Valentine’s Day – heightened awareness, better servitude. Tease…and denial


Cucked Up Wife Swap

You thought you had kinky VDay plans…turns out, your wife did! Go get cucked!

Ca4HY1RWcAALLdEValentine’s Homewreck Challenge

What’s stronger? Your willpower…or your urge to cum for me?



My Loser Valentine

You’re a loser every day of the year, but today it must really hit home how pathetic and lonely you are. Sure, I’ll be your virtual girlfriend. Sure, you can be my loser Valentine. Because your loserdom is sooo profitable for me.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

I know you’re such a jerkaholic that you’re always having to find new ways to tease that cock. Even red light green light is getting old for you, so here’s a JOI Game with a twist

Write Me A Love Letter

As pathetic and empty as your sex life will be this VDay, you know your Goddess will always be here for you. Just the click of a button and a few (hundred) dollars away.

Want to make my Valentine’s Day? Go buy at least 3 of these & tweet me your receipt 🙂

Happy jerking!

Spoil Me On!

There are so many clip sites out there, and despite that, I prefer to keep myself and my content pretty exclusive, only working with the best in the industry. As such, I have recently decided to join

Why buy from me there?

  • – HIGHER payouts for me! This is the best place to purchase clips & to send tributes if you want the maxmimum amount of your $$$ to make it into my hands (and I know you do!)
  • – Really super fast FTP/upload system. Anything that makes my life easier is a benefit to you too…clips will be going up faster on my iWantClips store
  • – Clips are $1 cheaper for you here, while *still* allowing me to make more. Again, due to the excellent commission rate they offer me.
  • – Message me directly through the site. No fumbling around for my email or having to disclose yours. Right there within the site, discreet & easy.
  • – There is a direct link to my wishlist on my studio page there. Easy access for when you’re playing those clips that have you shop for me 😛
  • – INSTANT STREAMING!! I know that by the time you’ve read my descriptions & have clicked ‘buy’ you’re ready to explode, and with instant streaming you don’t have to wait for clips to download. Of course you can still download in the background too! But if you’re feeling especially horny/impatient, this is a huge bonus for you
  • – Thumbnail previews! This makes searching for what you want a whole lot easier. Just hover over any given product to watch the moving preview. No need to open a bunch of tabs and wait for gifs to load.
  • – Payouts every week for me, rather than every month. This way I can spend your money even faster! No more waiting a month to spoil myself with the huge tributes you’ve sent!
  • So; cheaper clips for you, streaming while you download, easier to navigate, more money in my pocket….what are you waiting for?! Go visit my iWantClips store right now!